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Infrared Reflector Board, QRD1114, Analog, [1073693]
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  • Infrared Emitter
  • Operating Voltage: 5Vdc
  • Frequency: 38khz
  • Digital Output
  • Drive with logic High at TTL Level
  • Pins Definition (3P Connector): Vcc, Out, GND
  • Transmission Range: 5 to 10m
  • 2-mode Operation: Continuous Drive or Frequency Drive
  • Continuous Drive: In this mode, the IR-LED will receive a forward bias to drive the infrared rays. Use with the Inex Photo-transistor board for measuring the infrared light density.
  • Frequency Drive: This mode will modulate a 38kHz carrier frequency into the IR-LED. (Can be used with the Inex 38kHz Infrared Receiver Module which is not included).
  • Easy to use and Cost Effective

Stock Code: 1073693


Infrared LED Reflector Board, Analog

The QRD1114 is a half-LED, half-phototransistor, all infrared reflective optical detector. It can be used to sense objects in close proximity or even detect the difference between black and white surfaces. Photodetectors like these are critical components for projects ranging from line-following robots to close-proximity detection in smartphones.


  • Infrared Reflector, Fairchild QRD1114
  • Operating Voltage: 3 to 5Vdc
  • Analog Output (Voltage)
  • Detection Distance: ~6mm
  • Pins Definition (3P Connector): Vcc, Out, GND
  • Easy to use and Cost Effective


[source: https://tecnodidacticos.com/catalogos/resources/catalogos/inex/pdf/catalogo.pdf]

Tech Specs:

Attribute Values
Sensor Type Infrared Reflector
Detection Range 6mm
Technology Analog Output
Pins Definition Vcc, Out, GND
Maximum Operating Supply Voltage 5Vdc
Minimum Operating Supply Voltage 3Vdc
Dimension 23 x 17 mm
Maximum Operating Temperature 70ºC
Minimum Operating Temperature -30ºC


What's in the box

1x Infrared Reflector Board