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AC Motor Fan Capacitor (Wired)
Price RM2.80 - RM22.00 RM5.60 - RM24.80
Brand China OEM
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  • Working Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Tolerance: ±5 %

Capacitance, Stock Code

1uf 1252001
1.2uf 1252002
1.25uf 1252002A
1.5uf 1252002B
1.8uf 1252002E
2uf 1252010
2.2uf 1252015
2.5uf 1252003
3uf 1252006
3.5uf 1252012
4uf 1252004
5uf 1252000
6uf 1252004A
8uf 12520010
10uf 12520011
12uf 12520013
16uf 12520015
20uf 12520014

AC Motor Fan Capacitor (Wired)

AppIied to starting and better working of single-phase motor in 50Hz(60Hz) AC electric power system. It is widely used for electric fan, range hood, air exchange fan,washing machine, and also power saver.

This capacitor uses polyprpylene film and reticulation safety film (thickened by zinc and aluminum) as a medium, encapsulated by burnt-prevent epoxy resin and square ABS plastic.



  • Working Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Tolerance: ±5 %


Tech Specs:


Attribute Value
Rated Capacitance 1 - 20 uf
Tolerance ±5 %
Rated Voltage 450 Vac
Working Frequency 50/60 Hz
Material Plastic
Wire Length 10 cm




What's in the box

1x Capacitor